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Truth on the Road Music

The Truth on the Road fanmix is a set of songs--12 from Dasha K., 12 from Adrienne--that represent Mulder and Scully, their relationship, and/or the path they traveled during our story.

We hope you enjoy them. We think they're pretty good, but we're a bit biased.

We'd like to profusely thank octoberaine for the amazing cover art. It's gorgeous, isn't it?
Also, thanks to our friends who supplied us with some of this music
without knowing about this little project.


Full version - all 24 songs (143 mb)

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1. Portishead—Roads


Oh, can't anybody see,

We've got a war to fight,

Never found our way,

Regardless of what they say.


How can it feel, this wrong,

From this moment,

How can it feel, this wrong.


Storm, in the morning light,

I feel, no more can I say,

Frozen to myself.


2. Japan—Ghosts


When the room is quiet

The daylight almost gone

It seems there's something I should know

Well I ought to leave but

The rain it never stops

And I have no particular place to go


Just when I think I'm winning

When I've broken every door

The ghosts of my life

Blow wilder then before

Just when I thought I could not be stopped

When my chance came to be king

The ghosts of my life

Blew wilder than the wind


3. Cocteau Twins—This Love


This love

I think I´m gonna fall again

And ever when you held the hand

And turn ´em in your fingers, love


4. Death Cab for Cutie—Soul Meets Body


I cannot guess what we'll discover

We turn the dirt with our palms cupped like shovels

But I know our filthy hand can wash one another’s

And not one speck will remain


I do believe it’s true

That there are roads left in both of our shoes

If the silence takes you

Then I hope it takes me too

So brown eyes I hold you near

Cause you’re the only song I want to hear

A melody softly soaring through my atmosphere


5. Frou Frou—Let Go


It gains the more it gives

And then it rises with the fall

So hand me that remote

Can't you see that all that stuff's a sideshow?

Such boundless pleasure

We've no time for later

Now you can't await your own arrival

You've twenty seconds to comply


6. Lamb—Gabriel


I can love

But I need his heart

I am strong even on my own

But from him I never want to part

He's been there since the very start

My Angel Gabriel


7. Let’s Active—In Little Ways


I stand outside the room

Missing is so new

It’s a warning that could be true

But I jump in and hope for every day

I will not disappear in little ways


8. The Chemical Brothers feat. Beth Orton—
The State We’re In


Never said it was sunshine but you took it all of the time

All of the time, all of the time, all of the time

You took it all of the time


There's no escaping now

Let me show you how

What it feels to be true


9. Massive Attack—Live With Me


See it almost makes me crazy child

Nothing's right if you ain't here

I'd give all that I have just to, keep you near

I wrote you a letter and tried to make it clear

That you just don't believe that, I'm sincere.


I've been thinking about you baby...


10. The New Pornographers—The Bleeding Heart Show


I leapt across three or four beds into your arms

Where I had hidden myself somewhere in your charm

Our golden handshake has been smashed into this shape.

It's taken magic to a primitive new place

Watch 'em run, although it's the minimum, heroic


We hunched together in one chair out on the deck

In snow that froze and fell down on the modern set

It looked as if I picked your name out of a hat

Next thing you know you are asleep in someone’s lap

Watch 'em run, although it's the minimum, heroic


We quit the room

Quit so our thoughts could rest

Rest them, I'll never move?

That's when we grab a hold

Of whatever it is we fell into

Lousy with your content

With what the majestic cannot find

In business of your lives

The perception, it is wrong, mile after mile

The phantom taste drinking wine from your heels


11. Ladytron—Ghosts


In the first days of the spring time

Made you up and split from one thousand enemies

Made a trail of a thousand tears

Made you a prisoner inside your own secrecy


There's a ghost in me

Who wants to say "I'm sorry"

Doesn't mean I'm sorry


12. The Cure—More Than This


Just a second of your time

Any one will do

A taste of any other

Is all I want from you

Offer me the world

And how can I resist

Something more than this?


Make believe in magic

Make believe in dreams

Make-believe; impossible

Nothing as it seems

See, touch, taste, smell, hear

But never know if it's real


1. Hayden - Dynamite Walls


Open your eyes

Put it in drive

get on the road and just go

City lights

turn to tree lines

and National Park signs

Mountains approach

small winds in the road

and the air turns to falling snow

Miles away
Just up ahead
It doesn't matter what
any of us is looking for
we'll never find it because
it's not even there


2. Kasey Chambers - Falling Into You


I've been broken and battered

I've been lost in my home

I've been cryin' a river

I've been cold as a stone

But falling into you

It carries me far enough away

And everything you do

It lightens up my darker side of day
I just hope that the wind
doesn't blow you away

3. Ozomatli - Aqui No Sera


Desde las malvinas hasta la mis ojos

Ambos medisanos en lucha y cancion

Salvadoreño pequeño gigante

Señala a todos aqui no sera

Es salvadoreño pequeño gigante

Señala a todos aqui no sera


4. Carolina Liar - Done Stealin'


If someone looked into our case

and said our files could be erased

would that make us new?

Just tell me when and where to sign

I'll check in and do the time

and tell the truth

Cause I've seen this movie twice before

Don't need to see the end no...

5. Coldplay - What If


Every step that you take

Could be your biggest mistake

It could bend or it could break

But that's the risk that you take

What if you should decide

That you don't want me there in your life?

That you don't want me there by your side?


6. Carolina Liar - Beautiful World


Here it comes in the morning

I'm just trying to forget

Keep it real, keep it simple

And somehow just get out of bed


And this city is endless

I'm as cold as it's stone

Yeah this city is endless

And I'm, I'm walking alone


7. Three Doors Down - Here By Me


I hope you’re doing fine out there without me

‘Cause I’m not doing so good without you

The things I thought you’d never know about me

Were the things I guess you always understood


8. E for Explosion - You Know Who You Are


I'm standing here before you

And I know I'm such a wreck

I should be somebody's mess

I could be your mess


You're drop-dead bittersweet

I'm your imaginary friend

Your devastating daydream

You're my song that never ends

Don't ever end

If I could make a promise
To give you your last first kiss
Would you swear to keep my smile
Hanging from your lips


9. Terrible Twos - Littlest Houdini


Littlest Houdini just laughs at any plan

Keep his arms at rest or occupy his hands

Pack him in a box and mail the box to Paraguay

No matter what, he still escapes

Kinda like you, when you were brand new

Nothing could hold you there

No force of my will

could make you hold still


10. Jump Little Children – Cathedrals


The line moves slowly

past the electric fence

across the borders

between continents

In the cathedrals of New York and Rome

There is a feeling that you should just go home

and spend a lifetime

finding out just where that is


11. Coldplay - Lovers in Japan
(sorry, sendspace deleted this file)
(it's still available in the .zip files)


Lovers, keep on the road you're on

Runners, until the race is run

Soldiers, you've got to soldier on

Sometimes even right is wrong

They are turning my head out

To see what I'm all about


Keeping my head down

To see what it feels like now

But I have no doubt

One day, we are gonna get out


12. Snow Patrol - Open Your Eyes
(sorry, sendspace deleted this file)
(it's still available in the .zip files)


All this feels strange and untrue

And I won't waste a minute without you

My bones ache, my skin feels cold

And I'm getting so tired and so old

The anger swells in my guts

And I won't feel these slices and cuts

I want so much to open your eyes

'Cause I need you to look into mine

Tell me that you'll open your eyes...



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